My channels is hacking and freezing sometimes

We assume that you use a network cable from your router to your device.
If not, start by inserting a network cable to see if the problems end.
If the problem does not cease, it may be because your network shreds packages in traffic between our server and your device, which means that frames do not really follow.
To fix this, you need to optimize the settings in your router. Some broadband providers (such as Bahnhof) may have greater problems with these and cannot always be arranged

There are some people who can experience lagging, freezing and other things when they use IPTV, regardless of supplier.
Or that it does not work and stands and buffers / connectar.
This is usually due to a misplaced router, a router that cannot properly distribute the packets and fragmentation of the packets.
This also applies to those who cannot connect to the channel and it only stands and spins or connects.

There are no instructions, as there are hundreds of different routers on the market and everyone has different. But the settings and the concept are the same for all brands, it is just to find the setting in the router.
First, try this:
1. Check your internet speed at
    It requires at least 30 Mbps for IPTV to work well.

2. Change DNS in is app / box or router to Google's DNS that is and

If this does not work, try to run the Internet cable directly to the broadband jack to be sure that it is not the router that puts the trouble
Does none of the above solutions work?
Contact us and describe your problem
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