What do I need to be able to watch IPTV from you?

But in order to get the most out of our service, we recommend TVIP 605 which supports 4K.

The reason we recommend TVIP 605 is that it is very affordable and is virtually bug free.

Our customers have a great variety of different boxes and it is the customers with TVIP who have absolutely the least problem!
There are also MAG boxes of various kinds. The problem with MAG is that they do not support blah. all audio codec. For example, DTS.
If you do not want to buy a box and have a SmartTV at home, you can use the app SmartIPTV.

There are also various bugs and codecs that put the spanner in the wheel for some tv brands.

It can work great with your neighbor with a Samsung, but at LG there is for instance right now a bug where you can not choose subtitles on the movies, but it will be the first subtitle (if it is a multisub). There are some things we cannot influence with that app, hence we recommend a box instead.
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